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sheets made-to-measure since 1973 from Bottrop!

Die Poerschke GmbH & Co KG 

Poerschke GmbH & Co. KG was founded on 3 July 1973 in Gladbeck and is based in Bottrop since 1976. Mining companies at Ruhr region have been supplied with ‘‘warped iron’’ and thin, medium sized and heavy metal sheets in the past. Apart from this, silhouettes have also been produced. After completing the task of warped iron production, the trading activities were intensified with flat products and production of silhouettes and continuously upgraded. For more than three decades, warehousing and distance business, mostly of flat products, has been carried out with customers in FRG and EU.

Individual production of sheets

Stahlhandel Bottrop

With hydraulic shears, sheets are produced under consideration of the current EN/DIN standards. On request, improved tolerance values may be agreed upon. The production takes place using platinum/slabs in accordance with our delivery and stock program using non-alloy warm-rolled basic grade metal, fine grain structural steel, tempered steel, steel with high yield strength and tensile strength of around 700 newton/mm² and tear sheets. Thickness of up to 15 mm is maintained depending on the yield and tensile strength required.

We basically stock up basic grade steel made in accordance with EN 10025, steel for cold forming made in accordance with EN 10149 as well as fine grain structural steel made in accordance with EN 10028. This program is supplemented with high-strength fine grain structural steel made in accordance with EN 10137, weather resistant special structural steel made in accordance with EN 10155, lining sheets (tear sheets) and thin sheets.

Our company is specialized for acquiring rolled and declassified steel from EU manufacturers or company related service centres.

Stahlhandel Bottrop

Some steel imported into EU may also be acquired. Each input item is selected according to strict qualitative criteria and then later assigned for a specific purpose of use. This sorting process includes targeted sampling procedures besides an optical inspection for determining the chemical and mechanical properties at plant and testing laboratories.

On basis on this material-specific information obtained for a certain part of our existing stocks, we have an acceptance test certificate in accordance with EN 10204 valid for 2.1 till 3.1 of the manufacturers. Binding assessment and field of application for these products can be shown. Continuously, direct business transactions are carried out with manufacturers in EU and abroad (imported products).

The steel trading and cutting company team at Poerschke GmbH & Co. KG looks forward to hearing from you.