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Ia and IIa wide strip sheets in all common stock sizes
“KF – MF – GF” as well as in diverse fixed dimensions


Intermediate sizes or standardized sock sizes in diverse special 
grades such as heat resistant steel, steel for welded pipes,
heat-treated steel, weather resistant steel and wear resistant steel

Silhouettes with width of ca. 1000 – 2000 mm and
maximum length 12.000 mm

All standard products are available in stock ranging from
DD 11 – S 700 MC,
cold roled material sheets in DC 01 – DC 04
as well as zinced sheets


Standard sizes

Free sizes

Large sizes

Thickness up to 25 mm


Cut sections made using hydraulic guillotine shears
with the following possible dimensions:

Thickness: 2 – 15 mm

Width: max. 2000 mm

Length: max. 6000 mm

Tolerance value +/- 1 mm or upon prior consent

Delivery Program Poerschke

Straightening System

Steel & Stainless Steel

Shape Tolerances
The shape tolerances for thickness correspond to 1/2 EN Standard (DIN EN 10029 flatness tolerance)

Flatness Errors
Longitudinal curvature, transverse bow, torsion

Yield Strength
Max. 600N/mm2

Tensile Strength
Max. 650N/mm2 

Material Thickness
from 0,4 mm to 18,0 mm

Material Width
from 1000 mm to 2000 mm

Part Length
min. 800 mm

We use a straightening system from the company Arku.

Richtanlage Bottrop
Richtanlage Bottrop
Richtanlage Bottrop
Richtanlage Bottrop